Loyola Co. New Zealand

 LOYOLA® is the lifestyle brand for queer, gender diverse folks and allies. We are 100% queer owned and Auckland-based clothing and gift shop that aims to represent the rainbow community through our products. We are a small business with big dreams. As proud members and allies of the rainbow family, we dream of inspiring our customers to embrace their truth, own their pride, and relentlessly love their own self.

The philosophy that compels us to establish  LOYOLA®  is “Who We Are”.  We believe that who we are is more than just a brand. Who We Are is important and valid.  Through what we offer, we dream of a future wherein our products would move people to publicly claim their space as proud members of the Aotearoa rainbow family.

We vision our wholesome products to be a vital key in encouraging Aotearoa queer and gender diverse individuals to relentlessly live the gender they identify with, their innate sexual orientation, and the gender expression of their choice. Somehow, at some point, at some place, we have to find courage so we can move closer to our dreams. As committed as we are on personal growth, we promise to encourage you, so you, too, can encourage many others you meet everyday.


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