Isaac Loyola | Owner and Creative Director


Loyola Co. New Zealand is the brainchild of a local queer and transgender man who donates heaps to the community, Isaac Loyola. He is also the Founder and President of Proud Campaign Philippines, a registered charity organisation in New Zealand that originated in the Philippines. Driven by his desire to inspire people, he believes that people should not be afraid to fully express their true selves. He hopes to establish LOYOLA® as a brand where people can draw the courage and confidence to uphold the beauty and intersectionality of their sexuality.

"Living in New Zealand, gives me a privilege, not all queer and gender diverse people get, so I can not stay comfortable when I know there are people out there not far from our reach who do not know what we know, and who do not have the same rights that we have. As long as there are people in our community who are broken and suffering for simply being who they are, I won’t get sick and tired of raising awareness and empowering people. For every problem, there’s a person and that person matters. As I breathe, I know, I have to stay bothered." - Isaac Loyola


Isaac Loyola describes himself as an old soul who appreciates the classics, jazz and have a longing for nostalgic tunes. He is into the aesthetics of minimalism and fitness. He loves his large flat white with cinnamon on top in the morning and enjoys red wine during social celebrations.


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