T-shirt | Lovewins (XXS Black)

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Our Lovewins t-shirt bears a supreme urban style. You can choose between the best two options: black or white. In designing this product, we hope to bring the message of love victoriously trumping hate and prejudice across the LGBTQ+ community.

"I was inspired to design a 'Love Wins' themed product to commemorate my sister's wedding to her wife. My sister has been in the closet for umpteen years as she was trying to conform to my parents' standards. Having been raised in a conservatively Catholic upbringing has been very challenging for her to come out. But on her wedding day, our mother made a very emotional surprise phone call to deliver her acceptance, blessings, and love. That moment was exceptional, and I was thinking of commemorating that moment. 'Love wins' are the perfect two words to describe the situation." - Isaac Loyola | Creative Director and Owner

Cotton-rich fabric, Regular fit, Crew neck, Heavy Weight 200 GSM