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The labrys flag is the oldest lesbian flag. The labrys symbol (the axe) was used by the lesbian feminist movement in the 70′s, and in 1999 a gay male graphic designer named Sean Campbell put it with the triangle and the colour purple since all three have historical significance in the lesbian community.

“Isn’t the triangle holocaust imagery?”
Yes, it is. People are right to be uncomfortable using the labrys flag that has the triangle, so there are edits that include other things or just have the labrys symbol by itself. Some Jewish lesbians (myself included) believe that the triangle is okay to exist on the flag as a reminder of the oppression we have faced in the past as well as an acknowledgement of contributions Jewish lesbians have made in the lesbian community (another Jewish lesbian made an edit with the Magen David instead of the triangle for this reason).

Please note:

  1. The labrys flag is not a TERF flag any more than any other flag. It’s a lesbian flag, and many, many trans and trans-friendly lesbians use it. TERFS never owned the labrys.
  2. If you really identify with the labrys flag, then use it. Be loud about your support for trans people, especially trans women. You should do this anyway. If you’re really scared that people will assume you’re a TERF, then make sure they don’t. Just be you and prove them wrong.

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This flag can be used as a cape, excellent to be displayed for indoor or windy outdoor areas and manufactured to be used at multiple events for prolonged periods, portable, and easy to install.

Fixture: Two eyelets are placed on the hanging side of the flag, with one at the top and one at the bottom.

Specification: 90 x 150 cm | Made from water-resistant polyester