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Around the world, the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people are violated daily. People are beaten, imprisoned, or killed by their own governments simply because of who they are. (Source: Amnesty)

During an interview, Isaac Loyola (the Owner and Creative Director of Loyola Co. New Zealand) has been asked, "Aren’t you tired of being an LGBT advocate?"

He replied: "No. Living in New Zealand, gives me a privilege, not all queer and gender diverse people get, so I can not stay comfortable when I know there are people out there not far from our reach who do not know what we know, and who do not have the same rights that we have. As long as there are people in our community who are broken, suffering and healing for simply being who they are, then NO, I won’t get sick and tired of raising awareness and empowering people. For every problem, there’s a person and that person matters. As I breathe, I know - I have to stay bothered."






Front design: Loyola Emblem

Back design: LGBTQA+ Rights are Human Rights (=)